how to make money as a creative writer

How to make money as a creative writer on these 20 platforms


The most common question on the lips of Writers is “Where can I get writing jobs on the internet? This question is probably more common amidst newbie Writers who have been filled with the thoughts of how to make money as a creative writer.

But sadly, many of them do not have the clearest ideas on how to make this possible.

how to make money as a creative writer

Actually, if you happen to be among those who are wondering whether its bullshit that people write and get paid on the internet, I’d like to assure you that a whole lot of us write and make money online. More interestingly, we make money on different platforms.

How to make money as a creative writer

You can make money by writing articles online for some of the platforms I’ll share in this post.

Again, you can as well make money by writing blog posts for some blogs.

You can also make money by publishing your own books on platforms such as Amazon, okadabooks, etc.

More so, there are other means to make money as a Writer while at the comfort of your home.

Although, you can pretty much get paid to write about anything on the internet. But it boils down to getting on platforms where you can actually write and earn at the end of the day.

Platforms where you can make money as a creative writer

In this blog post, I am going to be sharing with you 20 platforms on the internet and how you can write or submit your content in exchange for some cool dollars while at the comfort of your home.

1. LinkedIn: The moment I eventually joined Linkedln, I knew obviously how I had been missing a whole lot of opportunities as a Writer who wasn’t on the platform initially. Joining Linkedln opened my mind to the endless possibilities of making money as a creative Writer via the platform.

If you also desire how to also make money as a creative Writer via Linkedln, here are the steps you must be ready to take:

  • Optimize your visibility by creating an attractive profile
  • Update your employment history to reflect your past and present jobs (if any)
  • Add your educational and skill acquisition certificates.
  • Update your employment history
  • List all the relevant skills that you have in order to enable recruiters find you easily
  • Post and engage consistently
  • Share useful posts on your timeline
  • Use the job search feature to look for content writing jobs in your niche.

As a Writer, when you do all of these, within the shortest period of time, you will start getting dozens (possibly) number of messages from recruiters and potential clients who would like you to work with them on their writing projects because you have finally found the right way to make money as a creative writer with your skills.

2. Vip-writer: If you have been wondering about how to make money as a creative writer, you need to consider Vipwriters.

Earlier this year, someone invited me to this platform which isn’t as popular as the likes of Upwork and Fiverr.

Vipwriter is a well-organized platform where Writers could join, complete writing tasks and get paid in return. Now, you have to be very prepared when signing up on Vipwriters’ website.

Apart from filling your basic details, there is a compulsory English language proficiency test which you must pass. In order to pass this test, you need to get at least 16 out of the 25 questions you’ll be asked on your computer screen.

Once you pass this test, the next task to complete is writing a short essay. You will be given a topic to write about – with some set of rules attached to how you must go about the writing – and there will be a timer counting down once you have your topic. There’s a total of 60 minutes to complete this phase of your registration.

Once you submit your essay, one of the admins would get back to you within 2-3 days to notify you whether you actually passed the essay or not.

If you scale through the essay phase, the final phase would be a phone conversation with you just to verify your number and identity. Thereafter, as a verified member of Vipwriters, you will be assigned writing jobs and you can earn from $30 upward per jobs. Payment on Vipwriters is done every 30 days.

With consistent jobs coming, you may not have to ever worry again about how to make money as a creative writer.

how to make money as a creative writer

3. Freelancer: Freelancer is another platform where you can get paid as a creative Writer.

Although in recent times, the competition on this platform has greatly increased, coupled with the influx of bunch of low-paying clients, you can still however earn more money on this Freelancer with quality service delivery among-st other favorable factors.

4. Medillery: Here is another freelancing platform where you can write and get paid after completing writing tasks.

Medillery pays you for the work done after you have reached a certain accumulative number of points.

Due to the fact that this is a platform that is just coming up, the competition is quite less. So, what does that imply? Get in, as a freelance Writer and begin to make some good money working from home.

5. Amazon Kindle: If you have been wondering how to make money as an author, here is the perfect platform for you.

A whole lot of creative Writers still do not know, or have not come to realize that SELF-Publishing books on Amazon is one of the proven ways to make money as a Writer.

Personally, I have books on Amazon that are doing well and are dropping some cool dollars into my Payoneer account every 60 days. This started happening after asking myself severally, “how much can i make writing a book.”

You also can write books and self-publish on Amazon. The first thing to do in order to have success in this regard is to research the most profitable niches where people are putting their money in.

What does that mean to you as a publisher or intending author? Once you are able to research the most in-demand keywords and niches, what you must do next is to create the title of your books and ensure these titles are optimized for the best keywords. Thereafter, go ahead and write that book.

Before you can finally put a book up for sale on Amazon, you must format the content of your book into kindle. Also, get yourself a professional cover photo for your book. In order to boost your sales, enroll for the KDP Select Program.

With this program, you can even give your book away for free for a few days (max of five days), in order to attain the best-selling rank and consequently attract more people to buy your book in the process.

The only downside to KDP select is the fact that you will not be able to sell your book on other online stores for the next three months.

6. Instagram: There isn’t lots of opportunities for content Writers to get jobs and earn money through Instagram.

Like you already know, Instagram is more beneficial to visual content creators such as video and animation professionals. But then, being a Writer on Instagram doesn’t mean you can’t also get your own jobs and earn money on Instagram.

As a matter of fact, recently, there have been a surge in the number of creative writers, storytellers and authors who are building large followings on the platform.

This is mostly possible through adopting creative measures to serve their content through the use of graphical illustrations and animations.

One surest ways to get jobs as a creative writer on Instagram is to first position yourself as one. Let your bio indicate to whoever checks out your profile that you are a creative writer who is opened to be hired.

Thereafter, follow as many established writers in your niche as possible. Get one or two of them to notice you and ensure that a mutual connection is established.

Many of these established creative writers on Instagram have more than enough jobs at hand and wouldn’t mind outsourcing some of them to you if they find you to be top-quality, genuine and professional in your content and conduct.

7. Sitepoint: Remember that I said its very much possible to get paid to write anything on the internet?

Yes, but then there are platforms where you are limited as regards what you can write for them before getting paid.

For example, Sitepoint is an Australian based web development website that pays programming inclined writers to create content for their platform. If you are good at writing about HTML, CSS and Sass only, Sitepoint offers you the opportunity to earn money online by writing tutorial articles.

This site claims to pay one of the highest rates for writers on the internet. On a single article, you can earn up to $200 and even more. But then, your article has to be top quality.

More so, because you will be required to write tutorial articles which are typically very long in length, absolute knowledge  of programming languages such as CSS, HTML and Sass are non-negotiable.

The knowledge are a must for you to have. With your coding works at one side and your writing jobs via sitepoint at another side, I bet you wont ever worry about how to make money as a creative writer.

8. iFreelance: Unlike some other job bidding, you will have to subscribe to a package before having the chance to take up writing tasks. You can decide to start with the lowest priced package. The bigger the package you choose, the more the number of quality jobs you can choose from, as a Writer. The idea of ensuring freelancers subscribe before working is important because it helps the platform to focus on both serious freelancers and serious clients. In order to attract more potential clients on this platform, you’ll need to update your work experience in details. Finding clients on ifreelancer is quite easy as you can search through the platform for jobs appealing to you. Getting paid on this platform is quite simple and easy. You can decide whether you want to get paid through Paypal or cheques.

9. Facebook: In my latest e-Book titled The Ultimate Guide For Beginner Freelance Writers, I dedicated a whole chapter to explain how you can make money writing through Facebook.

If you have been underestimating this platform for long, as a creative Writer, it’s definitely time for you to start seeing Facebook as a way to make money online through writing.

Believe it when I say it’s an error if as a Writer you play around on Facebook and still wonder how to make money writing from home.

Firstly, as a Writer, you need to start seeing Facebook as the opportunity to sell your brand to everyone who come in contact with you.

The good old days of only posting party pictures and comedy videos are long gone for a whole lot of Writers.

You also might have to drastically cut down the so called ‘non-productive activities you’ve probably been engaged to on Facebook.

One of the ways to start attracting people who will go to any length to patronize your freelance writing business on Facebook is creating content that has to do with your niche on your timeline.

Most especially, posting these content consistently would help to position you as a professional in your chosen niche.

More so, you could look into joining groups where your targeted audience can be found and start contributing your content on those groups.

Before you know it, clients will start coming around to hire you for their content creation projects. You may even get to the point of outsourcing some of your writing tasks.

Also, Facebook has a job search feature which allows you to access and apply to jobs.

With all of theses in place, your ability to make money online writing from home Facebook will certainly take care of some of your pressing needs and even more.

10. Peopleperhour: This is a UK based freelancing platform that gives you the opportunity to get hired for quality writing projects.

Signing up on this platform is easy and straight forward. Once you begin to get writing jobs, expect your payment within 3 working days of security checks by the Peopleperhour’s system.

You can decide to get paid into your payoneer account or you can decide to use your fund to purchase services within the peopleperhour’s website.

11. Iwriter: This platform happens to be one of the most popular content mill sites on the internet.

If you are looking for some quick work and money as a creative writer, iwriter could be the platform for you. The process of signing up on this platform is pretty easy.

The only concern is the high level of competition that exists amidst the freelance writers on iwriter.

More so, many of the clients there are fond of slapping low fees on their writing projects.

But if you are just looking at getting some cash to fill some void and not necessarily to make huge money on a few jobs, you might want to give this platform a trial.

12. Writerslab: Are you looking for the chance to get paid handsomely while working at your own pace?

Writerslab gives you an enabling working condition to earn money online as a writer by completing writing tasks.

After joining this platform, you will have the option to begin your writing career on Writerslab with a simple task before taking on more tasks based on your performance.

With a bachelor’s degree, you can earn as much as $10 or more within 24-hrs of completing a writing task.

One of the major reasons why you should consider joining Writerslab is because you will be given some level of encouragement to work at your own pace.

The platform is also designed in such a way that you can advance in your writing career at time goes on.

There are bonus packages for writers who turn in quality content to clients within the shortest possible time. What do you basically need, in order to join this platform? An internet connection, an excellent English language proficiency level and a cool head.

13. Bloggingpro: Just like every other freelancing sites on the internet, bloggingpro is a platform that gives you the opportunity to get paid when you render services such as blog writing, freelance writing and more.

The basic requirements needed to make money on this platform include a good internet connection, personal computer and a personal bank account where your money will be paid into.

Since you have been looking for how to make money as a creative writer, this platform could be your goldmine.

14. Fiverr: Just as Upwork is a freelancing website, Fiverr as well is a freelancing websites where you can write and get paid in return. If you have wondered how to make money freelacing, then you need to sign up on Fiverr.

Unlike Upwork where you must write cover letters before being considered for a job, Fiverr operates in a different dimension because you only have to create a ‘gig’ which happens to contain on the vital information about the service you want to render for whoever decides to hire you.

Recently, the competition to get hired on Fiverr has become difficult. Thankfully, there is a session of my e-Book that is dedicated to showing you the step-by-step procedure for getting your first and many sales on Fiverr.

15. Indeed: Have you heard of this platform which serves helps users to have their online Resume handy?

Indeed is a powerful job search platform that gives you the opportunity to build a online Resume, search for jobs, apply for jobs and get hired.

Although, the process doesn’t look as straight forward as I just listed – due to various factors that may come into play, but with the right usage of this platform, as a Writer, there is a high chance that you’ll be getting consistent content writing jobs via Indeed.

16. Smashing Magazine: This is a platform that pays web developers and designers to write for their platform.

You must be familiar with writing web related articles in order to get the chance to be paid on smashing magazine.

The kind of articles allowed on this platform includes tutorials, opinions, ultimate guides and case studies.

17. Sabyfy: Sometimes ago, I earned a lot of money writing on the Sabyfy platform.

It works like a contest kinda thing. I was getting paid regularly every fortnight for creating content, sharing them as well as commenting on other Writers’ posts.

So if you want to earn from writing on Sabyfy, you must be ready to churn out valuable content every day.

Apart from that, you must be ready to comment and engage other Writers on the platform.

And lastly, you must be ready to share the website’s link with your friends so that they would vote for your posts while the writing contest is still on.

18. Upwork: There’s probably nothing more interesting that being on a platform where the clients and the jobs you are seeking are present.

Upwork, in case you do not know what goes on there yet, is arguably the biggest freelancing platforms in the world.

By registering on Upwork as a freelance Writer, you will have the security of getting your pay after you have worked.

At the same time, you will be able to work on different projects and subsequently earn more dollars.

In my e-Book, I explained expressly on how to successfully register and get approved by Upwork.

If you are already on Upwork but finding it difficult to get jobs, here is a book that addresses how you can write job-winning proposals on Upwork and get paid handsomely.

19. Penpee: This is a platform for fiction writers who are in love with short stories.

This platform gives you the opportunity to upload chapters of your short stories and get paid for how well readers go through the chapters of your book.

For a start, you could subscribe to the basic plan which gives you access to free membership, the chance to write a short story of about 6000 words which spans over five chapters.

And for every credits spent by readers on the chapters of your book, Penpee will pay you 45% of the total amount generated from readership of the book.

In order to enjoy hire pay on this platform, you have to upgrade to the premium or Penpee prime package.

20. A blog owned by you: As you have probably heard before now, blogging is one of the ways by which you can earn money online. It is even much more interesting if as a Writer, you get yourself a blog where you discuss about niche and interest.

You can even be teaching others on how to make money as a creative writer as well. With time, you will get sponsored post requests from established agencies, Writers or Bloggers; they’ll want to further raise their visibility by posting on your site.

There’s also the possibility of getting AdSense, affiliate marketing opportunities and more.

As time goes on, you might not need to write and get paid anymore because your blog would start bringing sustainable income for you.


Each of the platforms I have listed in this blog post are potential ways through which you can make lots of money on the internet. From them you can find writing jobs that pay over 100k.

If you were once wondering about how to make money as a creative writer, I believe when you try out some of the platforms listed and explained in this post, there’ll be massive boost to your daily, weekly and monthly income.

Did you find this post helpful?

Have you benefited from any of these platforms before?

Share your thoughts i the comment section below..

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