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The 10 Best Free Writing Tools for Improving Writing Business



Few days ago, I listed some of the best apps on my android mobile device in a very large Facebook group. Some of them were free writing tools. But I didn’t just list them actually, the usefulness of each app was explained expressly.

Doing this wasn’t because I needed anyone to praise me or shower some nice adjectives on me, no. That particular day, I just felt like sharing some of the valuable stuffs on my phone with those on the group.

Surprisingly, lots of comments proceeded after sharing information about the apps. I’d say that was the biggest engagement I have had till date on a Facebook group.

More than three hundred people commented! Not just that, the post garnered about four hundred nice reactions; I’m talking about the wows, loves and likes of this world! : )

Each persons who commented thanked me dearly for sharing the apps with them as they’ve struggled without some of them. Some have used the writer tools app in the list to improve their writing skills.

No, I didn’t receive any monetary reward for helping these number of people. At least, I didn’t intend to even make them ‘thank me’ in the first place. But at the end of the day, a lot of these people connected with me on Facebook and it’s been an awesome time with some of them.

Why do you think these people engaged me that much on the post? It’s simply because I shared very valuable tools that’d make them find it easier and more fun to use their mobile devices.

As a Writer, you need to have writer tools app that’ll make your content creation activities to be really top-quality and interesting.

Either you are creating content for your blog or for your social media posts, these free tools I’m about to share with you will help you arrange your thoughts excellently and present to your audience more quality content.

The Free Writing Tools

1. Prowriting Aid: The first time I got to know about this writer tools app was when I decided to write and market my books online. Initially, I didn’t have the slightest idea of what Prowriting Aid was all about.

Free tool

But from the moment I used it to analyze some parts of my chapters, I knew right away that this has got to be the right tool for me, going forward. Prowriting Aid is a powerful online editor that helps its users to identify grammatical errors in their content.

It also has several other features such as plagiarism detection, improvement suggestions, style suggestion, detection of repetitive words, and even more.

I initially utilized the trial version of Prowriting Aid and I found out how bad it would be if I stopped using this software. Thankfully, for a whole year, it costs between $40 – $45 to get a premium Prowriting Aid software running on your computer. That’s cheap if you consider the brilliant features this tool possesses.

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2. Grammarly: Grammarly is another important tool that is designed to help you create your content flawlessly.


You will concur with me that having spelling errors and wrong punctuations in your content has the tendency to negatively impact the readership of your articles, blog posts or eBooks.

With this tool, you can be rest assured of avoiding little mistakes involving grammars and punctuations.

When installed as an extension on your browser, Grammarly helps you write appropriately on other websites.

Personally, what I do most of the time is to copy and paste my content into the online Grammarly Editor; which automatically figures out areas in the texts where punctuation, style, grammar and plagiarism corrections are displayed.

3. Hubspot Ideas Generating tool: Sometimes, we writers get mentally fatigued after completing some projects for clients. It then becomes difficult to even come up with blog post ideas for our own blog or that of some other clients.


In this scenario, Hubspot Idea Generator has been designed to help you generate blog post ideas. All you have to do is insert 5 separate keywords you want to incorporate in your blog title.

4. 750 words: Just as the name implies, this particular app is designed to help you write at least 750 words in a day. The major purpose of this app is to help all Writers overcome writer’s block.

Free writing tools

You and I know how crazy it is when you are just blank and lift a pen or slam a thumb on the keyboard.  750 words is designed in such a way that users get reward for hitting daily targets by earning points.

When users reach the 100 words mark, they get rewarded with a point. And the moment you reach 750 words, you get 2 points. Although, this might not look so fanciful, yet 750 words is the type of tools you should have handy in case writer’s block decides to raise its ugly head.

5. Color note: Have you ever been on the road and, suddenly, some interesting ideas just flashed through your mind in a jiffy and you couldn’t find the perfect place to document them before they disappeared into thin air?

Free writing tools

Well, if that has been the case overtime, one of the free writing tools you need in order to beautifully document ideas and topics down while on the road, in the bathroom, jogging early in the morning, discussing with a colleague or partner, is a color note app on your mobile phone. Personally, I have utilized this app to jot down some fresh blog posts ideas and topics. Color note has this interesting colored feature that makes it possible for you to arrange sticky note in different colors and category on your homepage.

Since it comes handy on mobile devices, I find it very easy to use. Same way, as a writer or blogger, you need such a tool as color note to pin down those volatile ideas and topics.

6. WPS Office: Here is another tool that works more or less like a Microsoft office package. It can be installed on PC, IOS or mobile devices such as tablets and android phones.

writing tools

I personally enjoy it more on my android phone. The most interesting thing about WPS is that it can typically perform the functions of Microsoft office. You can run the WPS Presentation feature in order to create ‘powerpoint’ slides.

The same can be said of the WPS Spreadsheet feature that would allow you create well organized sheets. You can even choose from the recommended spreadsheet templates available freely on the platform.

As a writer, the Word document feature on WPS office has helped me to create and edit some content even from my android phone.

If you are the type that goes out lots of time and it becomes difficult getting to go on your laptop because of its size, free writing tools such as WPS office has the perfect features to help you type on the go to ensure you are always meeting your writing targets.

Should you decide to upgrade to the premium package for WPS Office, amazing features such as Picture sharing, Extract page, Scanner, Merge document, File compressor, picture conversion and retrieve document will become accessible.

7. Plagiarism Checker: Plagiarism Checker: As a Writer, you don’t want to rewrite an article or rephrase some paragraphs from the Internet and end up in the plagiarism book when there are free writing tools like plagiarism checker.

Free writing tools

Having the Plagiarism Checker app is essential because you can copy your texts into the app and know whether it’s plagiarized or not. This is essentially good if you are writing for clients

8. Canva: So many times you have probably wondered how some of your fellow writers create clean and elegant graphic images to support their content creation on blogs and social media platforms such as Instagram and Fcaebook. Most of the times, the tool they use is Canva.

Free writing tools

If you are an active writer on Instagram, it’s imperative that you share some of your creative works as visually as possible on the platform. This tool has several amazing templates from which you can pick your desired ones freely!

A lot of my social media and blog post graphics are served to the public with a well-structured Canva’s design complementing it. You can easily get Canva on your device from Google playstore.

9. Yeost SEO Plugin: This plugin happens to be one of the best thing that has happened to me as a writer and blogger.

Free writing tools

It primarily helps you to detect areas in your blog posts needing adjustments and corrections.

Since almost everyone wants to rank on search engine and at the same time provide the best readability experience to their audience, Yeost SEO plugin is essentially good for you too.

10. The Most Dangerous Writing App: Care to sharpen your writing ability on a consistent basis?

This app does the magic. It forces you to concentrate on creating your content without having reasons to call it quit so easily.

How does the app makes this happen?

While writing on the app, if you stop writing beyond 3-5 seconds, The Most Dangerous Writing App wipes off ALL that you might have written already. Crazy and interesting – at the same time, isn’t it?


Getting these writer tools app will definitely help you become better at your writing business.

Which of these apps do you find useful and interesting?

Are there some free writing tools missing from my list? Share them below.

7 thoughts on “The 10 Best Free Writing Tools for Improving Writing Business

  1. I wouldn’t dare to try the last app,lol

    Presently,I’m using Grammarly and WPS and it’s been a great experience.

    I create all of my content with my phone, using the WPS app.I can’t tell you the stress it has saved me.I’m the kind of person who writes everywhere…kkitchen, inside a cab and this app has been handy.

    I’m gonna be trying out some of the apps you listed here.
    Thanks for sharing,Joel.

    1. Hey Jane, thanks for commenting.
      Great, try the apps out. You’d love them.

      I equally enjoy using WPS and Grammarly. Every content writer needs to have them. They are time saving apps.

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