hiring on upwork in the right way

7 Noteworthy tips for hiring on Upwork without regretting doing so

Freelancing platforms such as Upwork are making it possible for the future office to indeed have no walls.

And interestingly, more skillful and qualified professionals are currently ditching their 9-5 jobs to work as freelancers.

 In lieu of this, platforms such as Upwork have provided the enabling environment for these freelancers to work and get paid from home.

Clients have also seen the benefits of hiring these professionals and they are currently doing all within their capacity to hire the best ones around.

As much as there are many qualified freelancers on the internet today, there are also those who are not qualified to get hired for whatever job they seek, either it’s on Upwork or other reputable platforms.

Apart from wasting your time and money, they tend to make your organization to become even less productive if you ever did the mistake of hiring them.

The process of hiring a freelancer on Upwork is not of less importance to the process by which professionals are hired traditionally.

Since you are going to be giving simple, sensitive and delicate tasks to them, it is imperative to hire only the best freelancers with Upwork success.

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Considering your budget

While it is good to source for a qualified freelancer on Upwork for your next projects, it is also imperative to consider whether you have the right budget in place to cater for their wages.

One of the easiest way to attract the best freelancers suitable for your project is to verify your payment status by depositing money on the Upwork escrow account.

That assures freelancers that you really mean business and that you are not another client who wants to hire freelancers with the motive of disappearing after the job has been done.

Therefore, before deciding to hire a remote worker on Upwork, be sure that the budget you have is able to cover their wages sufficiently.

Sourcing for freelancers with excellent JSS

When in dare need of a fresh fruit to consume, it is the norm to visit a grocery store and not a car garage.

In the same way, sourcing for the right freelancer on Upwork involves searching for the right freelancers who have the pedigree to do amazing jobs.

In order to know freelancers who are doing excellently well, you can assess the Job Success Score (JSS) of freelancers you might want to consider for your project.

Job Success Score (JSS) is described by Upwork as the indicator of the satisfaction of clients whom a freelancer had worked with in the past. This metrics, which is in percentage gives you an idea of how deserving a freelancer is for your project. Often time, these set of freelancers know how to write cover letters professionally.

Freelancers with Upwork rising talent barge or Top rated barge are more advisable to hire for getting a guaranteed service delivery at the end of the project.

hiring on upwork in the right way

Interviewing only qualified candidates

Like I said earlier, the process of hiring freelancers on Upwork is just as important as when hiring professionals in the traditional way.

After you might have got in contact with the set of remote workers who seem to fit your basic requirements on the platform, the next step is to get them interviewed.

Depending on the task you might want your hired remote worker to be performing in your organization, it is important to get the interview done in the most professional way.

In situations whereby you’d like to make demonstrations to your candidates or you just desire to see their faces, the interviews can be done via the use of the Upwork video feature or invite them to Skype.

Either via Upwork messenger, E-mail, Messenger or Skype, the major aim of having an interview with candidates is to properly assess them and be able to identify the right fits for the job.

Assessing candidates’ previous experiences and profiles.

Not many clients or organizations want to hire a newbie or rookie, especially for sensitive projects.

While looking at hiring only the best remote worker during your interview, it’s important that you painstakingly assess the Upwork profiles of candidates.

Who is really qualified for this job based on their profiles? This should definitely be your focus during the assessment.

Also, experience they say is the best teacher. While you’re going on with assessing the profiles of your candidates, a very crucial part of this is to properly look at and assess the previous experiences that these candidates have had in times past.

You probably need to look for only a candidate who has worked in similar capacity as the one you’re looking to fill for your project or team.

By taking all the necessary time out to consider candidates’ general profile and previous experiences, you’ll be able to sieve out those who do not fit into the requirements.

Explaining new task in details

A remote worker might fit into every requirements you have set out, but he or she still needs you to explain in details the expectations that come with the new role.

You also have to let him or her know what platform to use while submitting completed projects to you. Usually, Upwork has already created a secured system for submitting, assessing and approving jobs.

It is also good to let freelancers know the deadlines for the projects that’ll be assigned.

Clarifying the details of the new tasks help them to know all that is expected while starting out the new projects.

Assigning a supervisor

Although freelancers are professionals who know how to handle their clients’ expectations, however they need the proper guidance in order to perform at their very best.

Just as you would want to keep an eye on a new employee in your organization, it is also good that you assign someone temporarily who has been in your team for while.

In situations whereby your newly freelancer needs clarification about an aspect of the project, it becomes much more easier to connect with the supervisor for assistance. Communication through various the messenger feature on Upwork would help in achieving this.

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Hiring a on Upwork definitely has lots of advantages. It’s just about hiring the best freelancers around – which is where many clients have issues.

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