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7 Factors of Productivity to consider in your Freelance writing Business


Starting a freelance writing business is probably quite easy. There are steps you can take in order to get your first client, write and get paid without much hassles.

The juicy thing is, you don’t necessarily need to pay close attention to the the factors of productivity in the short run.

It is just about the basics, so you can still earn your first dollars even as a rookie.

Having said that, sustaining a productive freelance writing business in the long run is the most important process that many freelance writers have found daunting over time.

Several distractions often pose great threat to the productivity of freelance writers over the years.

Even in 9-5 jobs, companies and organizations know the detriment of distractions on the performance of their employers. That is why they organize training on how to increase productivity of employees in the workplace.

One of these distractions stems from the use of social media. Notifications from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the likes have been implicated as the main cause of lower productivity amidst freelance writers over time.

Part-time freelance writers in particular are often restricted in productivity because of their jobs and other activities outside the sphere of freelancing business.

Family responsibilities also play crucial role in ensuring that many writers do not hit the desired targets while working on clients’ projects or when important deadlines are ought to be met.

All these are more reasons why a lot of freelance writers need to figure out strategies to improve business performance, even in the midst of various challenges and distractions.

While it must have looked daunting for you to write more content, respond to more messages from clients and deliver more projects within the stipulated time, due to reasons within and beyond your control, it is still imperative to figure out the ways through which you can increase productivity, as a freelance writer.

In this blog post, you shall be learning tips on how to increasingly churn out quality content for clients.

Sticking to To-do-List

Considering all the tasks you have to complete daily, having a To-do-List is a must. Well, if you don’t wanna have one, be ready to have days muddled up with mixed tasks and extra pressure to keep up with targets. But with a To-do-List, executing your daily tasks becomes easier and achievable.

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Most of the time, drafting out a To-do-List is not the problem. The major huddle which many freelance writers have being unable to overcome is sticking to their To-do-Lists. If you keep altering the list of tasks you have to complete before the end of the day, it comes near impossible to keep up and tick all of them done. This means that once you draft out your tasks for the day, by all means, do your best to stick with it.  

Muting social media notifications:

One of our best friends is social media. It keeps us busy and buzzy all of them times. There will be something to check on Facebook, pictures to view on Instagram, viral tweets to read on Twitter and colleagues to communicate with on LinkedIn. Invariably, social media platforms remain part and parcel of our daily living. If you are looking at improving productivity in your writing business, it is important that you mute notifications from social media platforms each time you are set to work. By so doing, you won’t be thorn in between picking up your phone to reply the next chat on WhatsApp and sticking to the work that is ahead of you.

Using a co-working space

If you are a family person, it’s pretty much easier to relate with the fact that children and creepy house chores can serve as hindrance towards increasing your productivity. Constant distractions from neighbors and friends who might want to gist with you might have direct negative impact on your ability to finish up clients or personal writing projects. So what is the easiest way out? Find a co-working space where other freelancers like yours utilize during the day for the execution of their various projects. Normally, if you are residing within modern day cities and towns, locating a working space or hub should be pretty much easier. Even though you are not answering to any boss, being in the midst of other freelance workers could serve as means to boost your energy towards undertaken tasks.

Outsourcing tasks if possible:

Having a cumbersome work load distrusts productivity at any given time. In order to finish up your writing projects with top quality delivery, you might have to delegate or outsource some of your tasks to someone who has been your mentee and who has the capacity to deliver quality writing service too. Apart of having more breathing space to finish up crucial projects, outsourcing some of your huge tasks would also help to bring financial gains to whoever you assign your duties to.

being productive in writing

Increasing daily writing output intimate:

Just in case there are trivial reasons why you haven’t been hitting those word counts target as you are supposed to, chances are that your productivity level is not going to increase anytime from now. In as much as it’s cool to play games, watch movies, gist with friends on the phone or other such similar activities, if they are taking more of your time, definitely they are taking more of your productivity. So why not cut some of these activities and use the time salvaged to increase the number of words you write in the day.

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Rejecting low paying jobs

The formula for doing more is doing less. If you are doing less of the unimportant activities, you will have time for the more important activities which would lead to more productivity. As a freelance writer, low paying jobs are usually thrown around by desperate clients who just want to have a good job while they pay crumbles. By rejecting such jobs, more available time is created to perfect the writing projects you have at hand.

Relaxing in free time

In order to be fully productive, you have to create time to relax daily. If you are always working and never taking out time to relax, how can you improve productivity?

Fact is, Taking up so many projects may hinder you from having time for your health. While on the economic side it could be good, health-wise, not taking out time to sleep, relax and rest adequately in between writing tasks is dangerous to your ability to be productive. This is simply because you might get stressed along the line and lose touch with your creative instincts while worrying about lack of sleep or body pains.


In conclusion, being busy isn’t synonymous to being productive. It is thereby expedient that you are maximizing your time daily. The factors to improve productivity discussed above should be able to help you turn out more quality service delivery to your clients and also for your own personal writing projects.

How have you ensured increased productivity in your writing business? Share in the comments below.

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