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Top 5 Content Suggestions for Writers on Social Media



Social media has continued to help businesses make more profit through visibility. Writers on social media are not left out of harnessing this platform to make more income.

You and I know the powerful impact of the internet, especially social media. Social media is that pool where you can find the specie of audience that best fits your writing business.

The only way through which you can keep your audience abreast of the products and services you render is to share valuable content with them on your social media.

writingbusinessblog, social media, writing, writers

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you content ideas that will keep your social media influence growing with more clients wanting to work with you. If you are mainly a social media writer, you need these more than anyone else.


One of the best ways to show off your competence as a business owner is by showing the feedback of clients that have worked with you or that have brought your product.

There is need for your audience to feel that they trust you. The human mind is beautifully programmed to figure out if it can trust a particular person or thing before committing time, efforts or money into it.

When you share testimonials of your great expertise in your writing niche, be sure that more and more people would trust your brand or business. This is what great writers on social media do.

More so, sharing what others are saying about your business keeps your social media presence stay hot and saucy.

writingbusinessblog, social media, writing, writers


Each time you think about creating a buzz around your writing business on social media, remember to tell your audience about your brand story. Your brand story encapsulates your inspiration and vision for your business.

It also involves transmitting positive vibes or let’s call it magnetic emotion to your targeted audience.

Brand storytelling is as well a part of the social media strategy for authors who hope to let more people know about their written works.

A well narrated brand story on social media through the use of storytelling technique will only make your audience pool become much larger and better.

In order to effectively use storytelling to grow your business and brand, there is need for you to define your targeted audience. When you do, tailoring a befitting story for your brand would become easier.


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Meme does not go wrong in any way. As a writing business owner, no matter your niche, meme can be a part of your regular social media content.

Many writers on social media such as Facebook hardly share funny content such as memes. This shouldn’t be so.

What you need to understand is that many people out there love to feel excited. People love to laugh.

It makes them feel highly re-energized. Memes have been around for a while and using them on social media can give your audience that exciting bit that they need.

I have a writing coach in the US who has a day set aside for sharing memes relating to writing. One notable thing about sharing memes is that it triggers your audience to interact with you, albeit in a light-humor way – so to say.



Having shared your journey with your followers and clients on social media so far, it is expedient that you get some feedbacks from them.

This can be in the form of a questions and answers session. You can announce beforehand that you are giving everyone on your list the opportunity to ask you any question relating to your writing business. This strategy works fine, trust me.

When you create the medium to interact with potential clients and current clients on social media, the bond between you become stronger and better.

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As a writer, you don’t have the luxury of doing crazy giveaways. Everyone should know that you are not a celebrity.

But then, you need to understand that giveaways have a way of keeping your social media audience and clients glued to your brand and business. Because you write, there are not many giveaways you can do, in terms of products. But how about announcing that clients can hire your service for free within a stipulated short period of time.

With this, you are literarily giving away your service for free.

You just need to plan your time so well that the terms and condition you lay down for offering the giveaway would suit your schedule.

In case you have published books which can suit your mentees or audience, offering one or two copies of those books as giveaways would make your social media presence more glittering and cemented.


The other day, someone said, “You can’t go wrong with using social media to grow your influence.” 

And that’s obviously true! As a business minded writer, your job isn’t to post pictures all day and crack jokes all night.

Social media is also a platform for new writers to start showcasing theit writing prowess. That makes the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter places for business.

You need to be strategic with your social media content. That is why implementing the five content ideas shared in this post would help you to grow your writing business influence more successfully.    

What are your social media strategies as a writer? Share with us.

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