connecting with clients via communication tips

4 Communication Tips For Impressing Freelance Clients

Nowadays, freelance writers are desperately on the lookout for strategies, such as communication tips, that would help them derive more income from the services rendered to their clients.

The struggle becomes more tedious and frustrating because many more content creators like yours are out there offering the same services that you also offer.

In fact, many of these writers are busy growing their clients-base and making more income, while you continue wondering what to do in order to make more income as well.

The point many writing business owners often miss is this: focusing more on SELLING to existing clients rather than caring and wowing them with the best communication practices often leads less profitability.

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A lot of times you probably do not know, your competitors are easily winning more clients by being persistent in communicating with them in every way possible. They have mastered how to have better conversations and wrap up deals without wasting time.

This is a pointer to the fact that the importance of communication cannot be over-emphasized in business. Hence, it is important to know that communication is the heart and soul of human interaction.

When you communicate effectively with your freelance clients, you are not only sustaining the relationship you have with them, but you are also increasing the likelihood that your business would get more traction through referrals and repeated jobs.

As much as it isn’t bad to focus on strategies to increase income from the products and writing services you offer to your clients, going forward, it is much more beneficial to develop strategies that would make clients to get wowed by your high level of professionalism and basic communication skills.

As a professional writer, it is hugely of importance that you know that your clients are always on the lookout for what differentiates you from all your other competitors who would also like to have your clients do business with them.

So, would you rather focus mainly on selling your writing services to clients rather than developing strategies to leave them speechless by the ways you get in touch and make them feel more human than ‘just another client?’

This same understanding is what has made some companies better than others. They perfectly understand the importance of communication and they have taught their employees how to improve communication skills in the workplace.

Developing and implementing more communication tips that would help keep your clients glued to your services is very crucial if you’re looking to build an exceptional business.

In this post, we shall be telling you exactly about these tips without further delay.

connecting with clients via communication tips

Making your clients feel more like humans

This is where many freelance writers get it wrongly. It’s an absolute blunder to relate with clients on strictly ‘business grounds.’

As much as it is great to not venture into the private lives of clients beyond the juncture they permit, it is still good at the same time to have conversations with them like real people would do.

How often do you ask how their day went before delving into business discussions? How well do you wish them ‘happy birthday’?

How often do you send those mails reminding them of how awesome they are and how much your business values them? These practices are important in staying on top of the mind of your client’s week in-week out.

Developing your business language skills

While we talk of communication as a whole, the way we use language matters a lot. You cannot make your clients feel more like humans without knowing the appropriate business language to use.

Language is conventionally known as the method of human communication that consists of the use of words in a structured and conventional way.

Likewise in the writing business world, business language refers to the language skills needed to be used during business activities such as negotiation with potential clients, meetings with clients, presentations, and etcetera.

The use of well-developed business language skills are critical if you desire to beat your competitors, make your clients smile while they pay you from their pockets and also make them get wowed each time you interact with them.

In a recent study, a staggering 83% of employers report that poor business language skills have resulted in a negative impact on profitability, sales, and efficiency of operation in their business.

What that means is that clients who perceive that your writing business does not have an impressive business language skill often go ahead to look for other writers who have enough communication tips in their archives.

If you do not want to join the staggering 83% who have made the mistake of not developing their business language skills, it is high time you did. And when you eventually do, it is a certainty that your clients and potential clients will be highly impressed by your professionalism.

communication tips for freelance writers

Prioritizing your Customer service

Let’s face it; a lot of freelance writing businesses do not pay great attention to the quality of their customer service.

Many often feel that this unit in their business structure does not really need to be prioritized since their clients haven’t been laying serious complaints about their services.

Often time, why clients begin to look elsewhere is because somewhere along the line, the communication gap between them and such businesses has begun to widen unbelievably.

If you haven’t yet been prioritizing your customer service in order to attend to even the tiniest needs of your client, then they are likely to feel less wowed and begin to seek attention from your competitors who do not joke with the quality of their customer services.

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Getting instant solutions to your client’s problem

How do you feel when you call in to, for example, your network provider’s customer care center and you get instant solution to the problem your phone is facing at that time?

The feeling is usually a great one. This is how it feels when you have an answer to the questions that your clients ask you on the phone or during a conversation.

Clients often get the impression that you are good at what you do whenever you provide solution to their needs.


In order to attain success in your writing business, you need to up your communication game.

More writers are taking advantage of this aspect of the business to win more clients to their side. Just in case you have been wondering how to improve English communication skills with your clients overtime, hopefully this blog post has helped you with the right answers.

What are the communication tips that have been helping you so far in your writing business?

Have you realized the importance of communication from this post?

Kindly share your thoughts in the comments below.

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